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Protecting Our Environment: How You Can Help

Here are a few helpful tips to help protect our environment.

As a resident, you can...

  • Become informed about water conservation
  • Support water conservation projects in your community
  • Properly dispose of hazardous material (paint, motor oil, pesticides)
  • Become informed about your City's water management practices
  • Educate others

In your kitchen, you can...

  • Select one glass to use for drinking each day. By doing this, your dishwasher will take longer to fill up and will not be run as frequently
  • Let your pots and pans soak instead of letting the water run while you clean them.
  • Place a pitcher of water in the refrigerator instead of letting the tap run to get a cool drink
  • Experiment with your dishwasher to determine which cycle best meets your needs
  • Make sure your refrigerator and freezer door seals are airtight
  • Don't keep that old, inefficient fridge running 24/7 in the garage for those few occasions when it is needed

In your bathroom, you can...

  • Switch to an ultra-low flow showerhead. This will save almost 2.5 gallons a minute during a shower ($91 a year in savings)
  • Install ultra-low flow toilets. This will save nearly 1.3 gallons per flush ($40 a year in savings)
  • Turn the faucet off while you shave, brush your teeth or lather your hands

In your laundry room, you can...

  • Wash clothes in warm or cold water, rinse in cold.  Use hot water only if necessary
  • Fill washers but do not overload them
  • Don't use too much detergent, as it makes your machine work harder and uses more energy
  • Use the cool down cycle to allow the clothes to finish drying with the leftover heat in the dryer

In your home, you can...

  • Perform semi-annual household water maintenance checks. Look for leaky faucets, toilets and pipes
  • Turn off faucets completely after use
  • Turn lights out when leaving a room
  • Turn off your computer when it is not in use
  • Use light coloured curtains or blinds to reflect sun and heat outward
  • Install an automatic programmable thermostat
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) use four times less energy than incandescent ones

In your yard, you can...

  • Avoid watering your lawn during the hottest hours of the day (10 am to 6 pm) to minimize evaporation
  • Check sprinkler system for leaks
  • Try to add more days between watering. Allowing your lawn to dry out between watering creates deeper roots and allows you to water deeper and less often
  • A vehicle needs to be plugged in for only 4 hours in order to warm the engine block to its maximum temperature.  Consider using an outdoor timer
  • A 'Power Saver' cord only allows electricity use when the engine block heater drops below -7 C (19 F)
  • Motion detectors (for outdoor lights) turn on only when needed

At work, you can...

  • Bring your own mug and cut down on Stryrofoam waste
  • Pack a lunch in reusable containers/bags
  • Use hand dryers rather than paper towels
  • Don't print your e-mails - save paper and keep them filed on your computer
  • Photocopy double sided
  • Put a recycle box beside the photocopier
  • Instead of printing a web page, bookmark or save it
  • Shut down your computer every time you are away from your desk for more than a couple of hours

Good for Humboldt, good for our environment!

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