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City Property Sales

The City of Humboldt aims to ensure that there is sufficient supply of land available for residential, commercial and industrial development.

Residential Property for Sale 
The City of Humboldt maintains an inventory of single-family residential lots. These lots are available in various locations throughout the City of Humboldt.***

  • 16th Avenue Lot Pricing, please click here.
  • 101st Street & Saskatchewan Avenue Lot Pricing, please click here.

Industrial Property for Sale
The City of Humboldt has various industrial lots for sale within an established industrial park. Inquiries related to these properties may be directed to the City Manager's office at (306) 682-2525.
Installation of natural gas, power and sewer pump outs are required on these lots.The owner is responsible for all costs associated with these installations.

Industrial Park Lot Pricing, please click here.

Downtown Commercial Property for Sale
The City of Humboldt has several Downtown commercial lots for sale. Inquiries related to these properties may be directed to the City Manager's office at (306) 682-2525.

  • 211 Main Street (~40.22m x 15.23m).  It is zoned C1.  $40,000 plus GST., please click here.
  • 107 and 111 Main Street (Each ~27.16m x 15.23m).  These are both zoned C2. 
    $30,000 each plus GST   or   $50,000 plus GST for both, please click here.   


***Please note: Residential lot pricing includes pavement.

Purchasing Requirements
An eligible purchaser wishing to purchase a residential lot shall execute a “Land Sale Agreement” in the prescribed form as it may vary from time to time. All terms of sale and selling price will be included in the agreement.

General Terms for Purchasing a City Lot
The purchase price shall be paid:

• By a non-refundable deposit of $8,000.00
• By payment of balance of purchase price within thirty (30) days of the sale,
or at the time the lot has been serviced and is ready for development

Other Conditions:
• The City shall not be required to transfer title of a residential lot to a purchaser unless and until the full payment has been made and the purchaser agrees
to pay the costs of registration and release.
• Transfer to any other party other than those specifically named in
the land sale agreement will not be permitted.
• Taxes will be assessed from the date of full payment of the lot.
All title transfer fees are to be paid by the purchaser. All lot prices are subject to GST.
• If the lot has been serviced and is ready for development, the Purchaser is required to obtain a building permit within three (3) months from the date the Agreement for Sale of Land is issued
For further information please contact Humboldt City Hall at (306) 682-2525. This information is meant only as a guide. The policies of the City of Humboldt
as they are set at time of purchase shall be final.

To view the Residential Lot Sales and Conditions of Sale Policy, please click here.

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