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Why Volunteer?

Besides meeting new people, learning new skills, and surrouding yourself with like-minded people of the community, volunteering is a rewarding and fulfilling experience for people of all ages.

Get the Family Involved

Volunteering is a fantastic family bonding activity which helps children grow with a strong sense of community, a raised self-esteem, and an overall increased quality of life.

"The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research has found a significant connection between volunteering and good health. The report shows that volunteers have greater longevity, higher functional ability, lower rates of depression, and less incidence of heart disease."

Don't just get your children involved; ask your spouse and even your siblings or parents to help out! Research suggests that volunteering is particularly beneficial to the health of older adults.

  • An analysis of longitudinal data found that individuals over 70 who volunteered approximately 100 hours per year had less of a decline in self-reported health and functioning levels, experienced lower levels of depression, and had more longevity.

To view current volunteer opportunities, please click here.


Volunteer Questionnaire

In order for Humboldt Involved to be helpful to volunteers, we require individuals to submit information regarding what they are looking for in a volunteer opportunity. Please complete the form below and you will be contacted within 3-5 business days.

Personal information
Goes by (if different than above)
Mailing address
Location address
Province & postal code
Phone number
Email address

Volunteer general information
How did you hear about Humboldt Involved?

Have you given your time previously as a volunteer?

Yes  |   No
If Yes, where and for how long?

What would you like to get out of your volunteer experience?

What are your interests and hobbies?
What skills or abilities do you have to contribute as a volunteer (wood working, computer, accounting, musical, etc.)?
How long do you think you would like to be involved with an organization as a volunteer?

Do you have a preference for working with any particular age range of people?

Yes  |   No
If Yes, what age range do you prefer?

Do you have any special needs including dietary or allergies of any kind?

Yes  |   No
If Yes, please explain.

Are you prepared to attend volunteer training and/or information session?

Yes  |   No

Do you have difficulty standing or sitting for a long period of time?

Yes  |   No

How much time do you have available to volunteer (please specify number of hours, and indicate if per day, per week or per month)?

Humboldt Involved services
Humboldt Involved will not be responsible for screening volunteers to work with specific groups. It will only put the groups in need of volunteers in touch with individuals with the necessary skill sets and interests to volunteer for them; the screening and interviewing is up to the group.

Would you be prepared to undergo screening and/or background check?

Yes  |   No

Other relevant information about yourself you would like to share

Please note: We collect and utilize your personal information for our purposes only. This includes creating and maintaining a database of present and future volunteers to be utilized by Humboldt Involved. This also includes sharing your information with partnering organizations only, to assist you in acquiring meaningful volunteer opportunities.

By completing and sending this form you are indicating your understanding of, and consent to, the sharing of your personal information.

If you are not prepared to share your personal information, please do not send this form, but contact directly an organization with which you wish to volunteer.

Please carefully review the information above, then

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