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Flood Protection

To visit a helpful Saskatchewan Website for flood protection, please Click Here
For tips from CMHC (Canada Mortgage And Housing Corporation), please Click Here.

Preventing Wet and Flooded Basements 
The City of Humboldt recommends that downspouts be at least two metres from house foundations and debris should be cleaned from eavestroughs to prevent plugging.  Other precautions include directing runoff into your front or back yards and sloping soil away from your house.  Check drainage paths around your property to ensure that they are not blocked as well.

The City also recommends that homeowners ensure that their sump pumps are in proper working condition.  If you are having problems with your sump pump, click here for possible solutions.  As well, if you notice leaks in walls, floors, windows and doors, immediately repair them.

You are most likely to find water in your basement during or after heavy rainfall.  It is a good idea to limit indoor water use during periods of heavy rainfall because a severe storm can overload sewer systems, causing them to overflow.

Preventing wet and flooded basements requires that you understand the City of Humboldt's sewer system and how to direct the drainage from your property appropriately.  For information on how to reduce the chance of having a sewer back up or seepage problems at your residence, please click here.

Storm Water Overview
Since the Storm Water Event of April 13, 2021 What has the City Done?

1.  Conducted an Open House - June 21, 2020
-Was well attended and provided information on the City's infrastructure system and problems associated with storm events. 
2.  Storm Water Levy Bylaw
-Implemented July 1, 2020 to generate revenue to assist in paying for capital projects related to storm water and allow for storm water rebates.
-Levy is $5.00 per month and is applied to all water bills.

3.  Upgrading of Sanitary Sewer Main
-Replacement of 6” force main with a 10” force main between Lift Station #1 and the Sewage Lagoon (6th Avenue & 5th Street). This upgrade will more than double the flowable area.
-Total cost of project - $492,000.00
-Work is ongoing and is proposed to be completed by the end of 2010.

4.  Storm Water Rebate Program
-Initiated at the end of August 2010.
-Provides a rebate of a maximum of $1000 to any property owner who flood proofs their home or business through the installment of protective plumbing such as sump pump systems, back water valves and the disconnection of weeping tile from the sanitary sewer system.
-Maximum funding of $35,000.00 allocated for 2010.
-To view and print the Application Form, please click here.
-To view and print the Proper Installation Guidelines, please click here.
-To view the full Storm Water Rebate Program brochure, please click here.

5.  Installation of new Storm Water System
-Installation of new storm water pipe (24”) on 1st Avenue north, west of 14th Street to provide proper drainage in this area.
-Completed at the end of August, 2010.
-Project cost - $20,000.00 approximately.

6.  Ditch Maintenance & Improvements
-Cleaned out the ditches at 1st Street to 6th Avenue, Highway 20 south drainage ditch along 1st Avenue and Saskatchewan Avenue and ditch along 2nd Avenue along 101st Street to ensure better water flow.
-Project Cost - $10,000.00
-More funds will be allocated to budgets in future years to clean the drainage ditch from 6th Avenue all the way to Stoney Lake and to continue regular ditch maintenance throughout the City.

7.  Catch Basins
-A private hydro vacuuming company has been hired to clean out debris from catch basins throughout the City.
-This will become part of the City’s ongoing maintenance program in future years.
-Concrete pads will be installed around catch basins that are located in back alleys to alleviate the amount of gravel and debris that enters them.
-This program will begin in the Fall of 2010 and continue as funds are permitted in future years.

8.  Manhole Sealing
-Quotes are being received to seal manholes in strategic locations throughout the City where excessive groundwater is entering the sewer system.
-Program to begin the Fall of 2010 and continue in future years.

Continuing and Future Work
The City has begun and will continue to work with consulting engineers to create a detailed assessment of the storm water and sanitary sewer system throughout the City.  The end result will be a report recommending storm sewer and sanitary sewer system improvement projects for Council's consideration in future budgets.

It is anticipated that another Public House will be held in November to advise the public of what the City has accomplished and what plans to do in the future.

The City along with its solicitor will be reviewing and revising the City's current Sewage Works Control Bylaw to comply with current legislation.  The City will continue to inspect all new buildings to ensure the bylaw is being adhered to.

Upgrading the Forcemain 
The City currently has two force mains between Lift Station #1 and the Sewage Lagoon.  They are 250 mm (10") and 150 mm (6") in size.  This year the City will be replacing the 6" forcemain with a 10" forcemain.  The upgrading of this pipe to 10" will more than double the flowable area over the 6" pipe.  This project is expected to help lower the probablility of future sanitary sewage backups in this area.  The City is currently working with consulting engineers to create a detailed assessment of both the Storm Sewer and thge Sanitary Systems throughout the City.  The end result is to provide a targeted Storm Sewer and Sanitary System improvement projects that will reduce and eliminate flooding, and sanitary sewer backups.  This work will be continued through the Spring of 2011.

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