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All service clubs, sporting associations, cultural groups as well as all other non-profit organizations are able to partner themselves with Humboldt Involved.

Partners have many opportunities, including:

  • Post volunteer opportunities on the Humboldt Involved web page;
  • Get in touch with new volunteers who contact Humboldt Involved directly;
  • Learn valuable information regarding volunteer recruitment and retention;
  • Networking opportunities with similar groups.

Please contact Humboldt Involved to learn how your organization can become a partner!
P: (306) 682-2597


Organization Questionnaire

In order for Humboldt Involved to be helpful to organizations, we require organizations to submit information regarding their need for volunteers, and the areas with which they need assistance.
Organization information
Organization name
Contact name
Mailing address
Location address
Province & postal code
Phone number
Email address

Volunteer requirements
How did you hear about Humboldt Involved?
How many volunteers are required for this posting?
What tasks do you require the volunteer(s) to perform?
What skills, abilities and qualities would you like the volunteer(s) to have?
When and for how long will you need the volunteer(s)?

Are you looking for volunteers in a specific age range?

Yes  |   No
If Yes, what is the age range you require?

Is there a written job description?

Yes  |   No
If Yes, please email it to [email protected]

Is it a concern if the volunteer(s) have special dietary needs or allergies?

Yes  |   No
If Yes, please provide more details.

Will the volunteers be expected to attend a training or information session before starting?

Yes  |   No
If Yes, please provide details.

What age group will the volunteer(s) be working with?

Will the volunteer(s) be required to sit or stand for a long period of time?

Yes  |   No

Humboldt Involved services
Humboldt Involved will not be responsible for screening volunteers to work with specific groups. It will only put the groups in need of volunteers in touch with individuals with the necessary skill sets and interests to volunteer for them; the screening and interviewing is up to the group.

Do you require volunteers to undergo screening and/or background check?

Yes  |   No

Further notes and information about this volunteer position

Please carefully review the information above, then

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