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Curling Rink

Humboldt Curling Club
Humboldt Uniplex, 619-17th Street
Box 2212
Humboldt, SK  S0K 2A0
Tel  (306) 682-2123
Fax (306) 682-1318

For information on how to make a booking call the Humboldt Curling Club at 306-682-2123 or fax 306-682-1318.  Ice rental is available for schools, businesses, Christmas socials, anniversaries, birthdays and much more.

The Curling rink is in operation from mid-October to the end of March (which may vary depending on events and schedules).

Total size: 19,744 square feet
Sheets: 6 artificial ice
Common lobby with spectator seating
Upstairs lounge
Men’s and women’s change rooms
Board room
Full concession services in lobby
On ice cameras for better viewing in the lobby and lounge

Humboldt Curling Club Memory Board
Honour the memory of a friend or family member who was a curler or a fan. The memory board provides a long-lasting, meaningful tribute to the people who were linked to the sport of curling. 
If interested, please contact the Humboldt Curling Club at 682-2123.

News & Notices


Congratulations to 2010 - 2011 HCC Awards Recipients
Walter Ort Volunteer Appreciation Awards were presented to Ralph Frank and Gerry Morelli for their contributions to curling in Humboldt, especially to the Senior Curling Club.  Carol Oleskyn was recognized with an award for her role in organizing the Ladies' Bonspiel over the past three years.  In addition, Laura Jurgens and Lois Kalthoff were recognized with volunteer awards for co-chairing the Dominion Championships that our club hosted this year.

The following people each received the 2011 Saskatchewan Curling Association's Walter Ortt Volunteer Recognition Award for their contributions to our club last year and in previous years:  Ralph Frank, Laura Jurgens, Lois Kalthoff, Gerry Morelli, and Carol Oleksyn.  Congratulations and thank you.



2011-2012 Bonspiels & Special Events
For information about spiels or to enter, please contact the Curling Club (306) 682-2123.

Leagues Begin:  
October 29 Monday Senior League - 1:00 pm
October 29 Monday Family Fun League - 7:00 pm
October 30 Tuesday Business League - 7:30 pm (6 end games)
October 31 Wednesday Senior League - 1:00 pm
October 31 Ladies Cash League - 7:00 pm
November 1 Mens League - 6:45 pm & 8:45 pm
November 2 Friday 50+ Seniors Cash League - 2:00 pm
November 8 Humboldt Journal Youth League - 4:00 pm
Bonspiels:  Note:  Some dates will be announced later *
December 7 - 9 Mens Sask Curling Tour
January 4 - 5 Tim Horton's Youth Bonspiel
January 11 - 12 Ladies Open
January 21 - 24 Seniors Open
February 15 - 16 Grain Handlers
March 8 - 10 Mens Open
March 22 - 23 Mixed Open
TBA Junior Open
TBA Stick Piel
TBA Senior Closing




The Humboldt Curling Club would like to welcome newcomers to our community. If you are interested in curling, please contact the curling rink to join a league or to get more information about our programs. People who are 50 years of age or older are extended a special invitation to join the Senior Section of our club. Seniors curl during the day from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm or from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. You can choose either or both days - or if you don't want to commit to a league - we need spares! If you have never curled and would like to learn, we have people who would only be too happy to help you get started. Using a throw-stick is now an integral part of curling and many who can no longer throw from the hack are having a lot of fun and success using such a stick. You are welcome to come and give it a try. Our members are just out for the fun and exercise - and our fees are very reasonable.

For more information, please contact:
The Humboldt Curling Club (306) 682-2123
Lloyd Nelson, President of the Club (306) 682-2944
Delwyn Jansen, President of the Senior Section (306) 286-3508
Gerry Morelli, Past-President of the Senior Section (306) 682-3843

Welcome to Humboldt! Curling is an excellent way to meet some great people and have a great time doing it! Give us a call today!

Regular League Fees: Excludes Super Leagues
First League $250.00
Second League $125.00
Third League $62.50
Early Paid Fees: Before December 1, 2020 for first half of year and Before February 1, 2021 for second half of year.
Fist League $220.00
Second League $110.00
Third League $55.00
Business League:  
1st Half $400.00
Full Year $700.00
Teams Newly Entering the 2nd Half $400.00

Senior's (50+) Men & Women
Mondays &/or Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. &/or 1:00 p.m.
Curl all year or a split league October - January or January - March
Contacts:  Leo Nienaber 682-5510, Ralph Frank 682-3977 or Delwyn Jansen 286-3508

Family Fun League (Open)
Mondays at 7:00 p.m. Curl all year or split league: October - January or January - March
Limit of 12 teams in this league
League Contact: Lora Fraess 682-3498
Men's League
Thursdays at 6:45 p.m. & 8:45 p.m. sharp (October - March)
League Contact: Greg Puetz 682-3683
Men's Competitive League
Tuesday's at 7:15 p.m. (October - January)
League Contact: John Brickmeier 682-3543
Cash Payout per win    Fees: $145/curler
Ladies' Competitive League
Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. (October - January)
League Contact: Donna Kemper 682-4929
Cash Payout per win    Fees: $125/curler
Mixed Competitive League
Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. (January - March)
League Contact: Michelle Niekamp 682-4322
Cash Payout per win    Fees: $125/curler
50+ Senior League (Open)
Fridays at 2:00 p.m. (October - January)                                                                    League Contact:  Kevin Kalthoff 682-2123
Men's, Women's and/or Mixed Teams
Cash Payout per win    Fees: $125/curler
Humboldt Journal Youth League
Thurdays 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (start in November to the end of February)
Fees: $50.00 includes use of brushes and sliders
Students in Grades 7 - 12 enter individually.  They review fundamentals for the first 2 weeks and then are placed on teams for league play. (Note: Some grade 6's play too!)
League Contact: Brian Wempe 682-3499, Carrie Fleischhacker 682-3507, Wes Crone

Locker Rental: $20.00 per year
Adult Lessons: Contact Kevin @ 682-2123
Ice and/or Lounge Facilities are available to rent by schools and others for practice sessions, games, Christmas parties, socials or entertainment events throughout the winter.
On Ice Cameras for better viewing in the lobby and the lounge. Check us out!

Board of Directors 2011-2012



Left to Right:
(Back Row) Michelle Niekamp, Delwyn Jansen, Chris Yungmann, Sheldon Sperling, Brian Wempe (Past President), Dan Steiner
(Front Row) Gerry Morelli, Ralph Frank, Lloyd Nelson (President), Marvin Syrotuek, Floyd Lueke
Missing: Jerry Hardy, Laura Jurgens, Greg Puetz (Vice President)

Leaving the Board this year – Lloyd Nelson Joining the Board this year – Josh Novecosky
Club members interested in serving on the Board are asked to contact one of the current board members.

General Manager:       Corrine Kennedy & Lois Kalthoff
Ice Technician:          Kevin Kalthoff

Help Wanted: The Humboldt Curling Club is looking for Lounge Staff for the 2011 -12 season. Part time positions for evenings and weekends. Fun place to work with competitive wages. Apply at Box 2212 Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0 with resume or call Corrine Kennedy or Lois Kalthoff at 682-2123(club) or 682-4885 (home)

Saskatchewan Curling Association
For more information on curling in Saskatchewan, please visit the Saskatchewan Curling Association webiste.

Humboldt Curling Club Lottery Winners
Please click here to view the past year's HCC Lottery winners.



Interested in Curling?
Thank You
**The Curling Club would like to thank the following volunteers for helping Kevin and Monty take out the ice and clean the playing surface as well as removing the banners from the walls of the curling rink on April 4, 2011:

Fred Hale, Les Howard, Kim Jurgens, Gerald Kalthoff, Bert Lange, Gerry Morelli, Lloyd Nelson, Fabian Paydli, George Varga

2009 World Senior Men's Curling Champions

The Dunedin Curling Club in New Zealand hosted the 2009 World Senior Men’s and Women’s Championships.  The team of Eugene Hritzuk, Kevin Kalthoff, Verne Anderson, and Dave Folk from Saskatchewan represented Canada.  These curlers come from the Humboldt, Saskatoon, Nutana, and Wadena Curling Clubs.  They won the Senior Men’s Championship.

To learn more about curling in New Zealand, please click here.

Photo left to right: Bill Tschirhart (Coach), Eugene Hritzuk (Skip), Kevin Kalthoff (Third), Verne Anderson (Second), Dave Folk (Lead)


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