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Area Attractions

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Humboldt Area Vintage & Antique Club
Located 3 miles South of Humboldt along Highway #20.
Phone: (306) 682-3053, (306) 682-4115, (306) 682-4922, or (306) 682-3206 to arrange an appointment.
The Humboldt Area Vintage & Antique Club is truly an agricultural museum from the 1900 - 1960 years.  The main exhibit area houses tractors from 1927 to 1954, threshing machines, and many other farm implements.  Another interesting area is an original smithy with a forge, anvil and other blacksmith equipment.  You may also view tools and equipment used by the early settlers of the area.  Once a year hundreds of people come to watch the members put on demonstrations of threshing, wood sawing, feed grinding, cow milking, and other old fashioned farm activities.  Viewing is available throughout the year by appointment.

Kloppenburg Wildlife Refuge
Located just a few minutes west of Humboldt on Hwy #5. Watch for signs. The refuge is 3 km south of Hwy #5.
Phone (306) 682-2913

The refuge protects a piece of aspen parkland typical of central Saskatchewan. What makes this area special is that it has been left in a natural state and has never been broken for agriculture. A network of informal trails covers the 65 ha (160 acre) piece of land. Enjoy bird watching, photographing wildflowers and relaxing in the peaceful surroundings.

Mount Carmel
Located 6 km north of Carmel (15 km west and 3 km north of Humboldt).
Mount Carmel, named after the famous landmark in Israel, is the highest spot in the district rising to a height of 1,987 feet above sea level and 95 feet higher than the hamlet of Carmel about six kilometres to the south. It was in 1928 that the mount was dedicated to Mary. That same year, an Italian-made white carrara marble statue of the Virgin Mary, over 2.5 metres high, was placed on a foundation of native stone at the top of the hill. In 1938 a chapel and altar were constructed with stone foundations, and the Stations of the Cross were added the next year.

Original Humboldt Site
Located 8 km southwest of Humboldt. Travel west on Hwy #5, watch for signs, south 3 km on Telegraph Road.
Phone (306) 682-5226
The history of the Humboldt region is an integral aspect of our Canadian heritage.  The first known building in the area was the Humboldt Telegraph Station which became an important communication link in the development of western Canada.  The significance of the land is multifaceted, as it played an important role in the national story of communications, transportation, 1885 Resistance, First Nations relations and the settlement of western Canada.  The site's history continues to be explored through ongoing research work and archeological investigations.

St. Peter's Abbey
Located on the south side of Muenster (10km east of Humboldt).
Phone (306) 682-1777
Just outside of Muenster is the Benedictine Monastery of St. Peter's Abbey. The Abbey is located on a large acreage with evergreens planted by the monks, and contains beautiful nature trails for private prayer, meditation and silence. Visit the beautiful Abbey grounds and Sts. Peter and Paul Church with its pipe organ and beautiful stained glass windows. Tours are available.

St. Peter's Cathedral
Located 0.5km north of Muenster (10km east of Humboldt).
Phone (306) 682-1777
This historic cathedral features paintings by the celebrated German artist Berthold Imhoff. The sanctuary alone features 80 life-sized figures. The 14 Stations of the Cross line the walls; these statues were a gift of St. John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota, from where several of the pioneer monks came.



Assumption Church
Located in Marysburg, 13 km north and 3 km east of Humboldt.
Phone (306) 682-3543
Rebuilt in 1920-21, after a cyclone destroyed the original church during construction, this large country church is decorated with paintings by the celebrated German artist Berthold Imhoff. The church features a beautiful statue of the Assumption on the front altar, as well as the original 400 pound bell. Stained glass windows adorn the church, which is still used for concerts and cultural events today.







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