Try Living on Less

Amy_LabelleLiving on less money is not rocket science, and here are is an example of how you can do so. My personal philosophy has always been to not pay full price for things unless you absolutely have to. One good place to start is the grocery store. I see nothing wrong with looking for short dated food items that are likely to be reduced in price before they actually go out of date and working out when a particular grocery store is likely to mark them down is fairly easy.

frugalAll you need to do is keep an eye out the next time you are in a grocery store and you see one of the workers marking down a particular type of product. Make a mental note as to what the time is and remember the next time you go shopping that this store marks down a certain type of product at a certain time of day. In my experience, the stores tend to do this at roughly the same time every day, and if you time your shopping trips right, you would be amazed at how much money you can save, especially if they are combined with so-called “special offers.”

As an example, one of my local grocery stores was offering a “buy two, get one free,” deal, but the item in question was being marked down to half price because they were short dated. So, as I often visit this store at the time I know they mark the prices down, I was actually able to buy one and get two free instead. And all I really had to do was change the time I went shopping to match the time they were reducing the prices. Now I know it is not practical to do this with every single item you buy, but if you do it often enough, they soon add up.