MAY 25, 2021; COMMENCING AT 7:30 P.M.



   1.      Call to Order.


   2.      Adopt Agenda.


   3.      Public Acknowledgements.

            a)         Presentation – Mrs. Tracy Wittke, Resignation                     


   4.      Approve Minutes.

            a)         Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held May 11, 2021


   5.      Delegations.


   6.      Correspondence.

            “A” Items Requiring Council Resolution

a)                  Report from City Clerk – Rental of City Owned Land.

b)                  Report from City Clerk – Postage Machine

c)                  Community Planning & Development – Subdivision Approval


 “B” Items Received For Information Only

a)                  FCM- Notice of 2004 Annual General Meeting

b)                  FCM Members Advisory – International Policy Review

c)                  St. Elizabeth’s Hospital – Sask. Energy Surcharge

d)                  Carlton Trail R.E.D.A. - Update

e)                  Minutes of the Reid-Thompson Public Library Board Meeting held May 12, 2021.

f)                    Leader of the Official Opposition – Extension Agrologist Program

g)                  Premier of Saskatchewan – Extension Agrologist Program


  7.       Committee Reports.

a)         Minutes of the Leisure Services Committee Meeting held May 18, 2021.


  8.       City Commissioner’s Report.


  9.       Financial Statements.

            a)         Accounts Payable for the period ending MAY 25, 2021.

            b)         Revenue and Expenditure Statement for the month of April, 2004.


10.       Bylaws.

            a)         Bylaw No. 14/2004 – A Bylaw to Amend the Smoking Bylaw

            b)         Bylaw No. 15/2004 – A Bylaw to Amend the Council Procedure Bylaw       


11.       Unfinished Business.


12.       New Business.

            a)         Community Events Permit – Polkafest

            b)         Community Events Permit – Summer Sizzler

            c)         Local Improvement Resolutions – Pavement on 4th Street & 3rd Street

            d)         Agreement with Public School Division – Outdoor Soccer Pitch

            e)         Council Meetings – July and August

            f)          Appointment of City Manager

            g)         Committee of the Whole – Offer to Purchase


13.       Enquiries.


14.       Adjournment.