JUNE 14, 2020; COMMENCING AT 7:30 P.M.



   1.      Call to Order.


   2.      Adopt Agenda.


   3.      Public Acknowledgements.


   4.      Approve Minutes.

            a)         Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held May 25, 2021


   5.      Delegations.


   6.      Correspondence.

            “A” Items Requiring Council Resolution

a)                  Report from City Clerk – Subdivision Approval.

b)                  Report from Leisure Services Director – Girls Softball request for funding.

c)                  Report from City Clerk – Purchase of Postage Machine

d)                  Report from City Clerk – Lease Agreements City Owned Land

e)                  Report from Leisure Services Director – Soccer Pitch, Site Options

f)                    Lois Winkel, Humboldt Ecological Park – Naming of Slough and Park


 “B” Items Received For Information Only

a)                  Minutes of the Occupational Health & Safety Committee Meeting June 2, 2021

b)                  Minutes of the Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery Board Meeting held June 1, 2021.

c)                  Minister of Agriculture and Food -  Agrologist Extension Program

d)                  Minister of Health – World No Tobacco Day

e)                  Premier of Saskatchewan – Support for New Deal for Municipalities

f)                    Sagehill Development Corporation – The Tent Event

g)                  FCM – Federal Election Alert

h)                  Waldsea Lake Regional Park Authority – Financial Statement for the year ending October 31, 2003.

i)                    Saskatchewan Centennial 2005 – Celebrations

j)                    Saskatchewan Municipal Employees Steering Committee – Municipal Employee’s Week.

k)                  Saskatchewan Coalition for Tobacco Reduction – Report.

l)                    RCMP – ARLU.



  7.       Committee Reports.

a)         Minutes of the Works and Utilities Committee Meeting held June 1, 2021.


  8.       City Commissioner’s Report.


  9.       Financial Statements.

            a)         Accounts Payable for the period ending JUNE 14, 2020

b)         Audited Financial Statement for the year ending December 31, 2003.

c)         Public Accounts for the year ending December 31, 2003.

            d)         Revenue & Expenditure Statement for Month of May 2004.


10.       Bylaws.



11.              Unfinished Business.

a)         Interim City Commissioner’s Report – PGRP Agreement.


12.       New Business.

            a)         Committee of the Whole

                        i )Offer to Purchase   


13.       Enquiries.


14.       Adjournment.