MAY 11, 2021; COMMENCING AT 7:30 P.M.



   1.      Call to Order.


   2.      Adopt Agenda.


   3.      Public Acknowledgements.   


   4.      Approve Minutes.

            a)         Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held April 27, 2021


   5.      Delegations.


   6.      Correspondence.

            “A” Items Requiring Council Resolution

            a)         Report from City Clerk – Amendments to Smoking Bylaw


 “B” Items Received For Information Only

a)                  Minutes of the Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery Board Meeting held May 4, 2021..

b)                  Registration for SUMA Regional Meeting held June 3, 2021

c)                  FCM Members Advisory – New Deal on Rights-of-Way

d)                  Minutes of the Waldsea Lake Regional Park Authority held April 19, 2021.

e)                  Humboldt School Division #104 – Uniform Mill Rate

f)                    Humboldt Catholic Schools – Uniform Mill Rate

g)                  Minister of Health – Humboldt’s Health Facility Status


  7.       Committee Reports.

a)         Minutes of the Works and Utilities Committee Meeting held May 7, 2021.


  8.       City Commissioner’s Report.

            a)         Tour Bus Companies

            b)         Establishment of Sub-Classes


  9.       Financial Statements.

            a)         Accounts Payable for the period ending MAY 11, 2021.


10.       Bylaws.

            a)         Bylaw No.09 /2004 – A bylaw to Provide for a Minimum Tax.

            b)         Bylaw No. 10/2004 – A bylaw to establish Mill Rate Factors

            c)         Bylaw No. 11/2004 – A bylaw to Provide for a Base Tax.

            d)         Bylaw No. 12/2004 – A Bylaw to Provide an Exemption of Assessment.

            e)         Bylaw No. 13/2004 – A Bylaw to Establish Mill Rates           


11.       Unfinished Business.


12.       New Business.

            a)         Appointment to Library Board – Bernard Ortman

            b)         Local Improvement Resolutions – Pavement on 4th Street

            c)         Community Events Permit – Humboldt Demolition Derby    


13.       Enquiries.


14.       Adjournment.