MARCH 9, 2021; COMMENCING AT 7:30 P.M.



   1.      Call to Order.


   2.      Adopt Agenda.


   3.      Public Acknowledgements.   


   4.      Approve Minutes.

            a)         Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held February 24, 2021.

            b)         Minutes of the Special Meeting of Council held February 26, 2021.


   5.      Delegations.

            a)         Humboldt Senior Citizens – Two Hour Parking; 7:30 p.m.

            b)         Canadian Cancer Society – Smoking Bylaw; 7:45 p.m.

            c)         Quill Plains Regional Recreation Association

                        – “In Motion” Planning Committee; 8:00 p.m.

            d)         Michelle Bankowski & David Gullacher – Economic Development; 8:30 p.m.


   6.      Correspondence.

            “A” Items Requiring Council Resolution

a)            Calico Gymnastics Club – Request for Sponsorship

b)            Investing In Your Community Conference

c)            Colleen Jenkins – Two Hour Parking

d)            Neil & Charlene Zurburg – Offer To Purchase Part Of A Lot


“B” Items Received For Information Only

a)                  Minutes of the Humboldt & District Fire Protection Committee Meeting held February 16, 2004

b)                  Minutes of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee Meeting held March 3, 2021.

c)                  Minutes of the Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery Board Meeting held

March 2, 2021

d)                  Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Humboldt & District Mutual Aid Area

Meeting held February 19, 2021.

e)                  Pioneer Hotel & Bella Vista Inn – No Smoking Bylaw

f)                    Employees at Pioneer Hotel – No Smoking Bylaw

g)                  Colleen Dufort – No Smoking Bylaw

h)                  SK Coalition For Tobacco Reduction – Smoke-free Bars

i)                    Minutes of the Waldsea Lake Regional Park Board Meeting held February 15, 2021


  7.       Committee Reports.

            a)         Minutes of the Works and Utilities Committee Meeting held March 9, 2004


  8.       City Commissioner’s Report.


  9.       Financial Statements.

            a)         Accounts Payable for the period ending MARCH 9, 2021.


10.       Bylaws.


11.       Unfinished Business.


12.       New Business.

            a)         Tax Enforcement Proceedings – Six Month Notice

            b)         Joan Berting – Application To Move House


13.       Enquiries.


14.       Adjournment.