JUNE 24, 2003; COMMENCING AT 7:30 P.M.



   1.      Call to Order.


   2.      Adopt Agenda.


   3.      Approve Minutes.

a)                  Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held June 10, 2020.


4.          Delegations.

a)         Mr. Maurice Soulodre, Architect - Roofing Report; 7:30 p.m.

b)         Mr. Phil Griffeth, President, Chamber of Commerce; 8:00 p.m.

            i)  Tourist Booth Contract

            ii)  Proposed Plan For The Historical Park

c)         Mr. Neil Buchacher – Committee of the Whole - Personnel; 8:30 p.m.


   5.      Correspondence Report.

            “A” Items Requiring Council Resolution.

a)         Report from City Clerk & Accountant Supervisor – 2003 Election

b)         Humboldt & Area Ecological Park – Development of 1st Street


“B” Items Received For Information Only.

a)                  Minutes of the Reid-Thompson Public Library Meeting held June 11, 2020

b)                  Report from City Clerk – Trailers at Sunset Estates

c)                  Environment Canada – Pollution Prevention Planning

d)                  City of Weyburn – City Assessors attendance at SAMA Board Meetings

e)                  City of Edmonton – Invitation to Strategies for Urban Sustainability Conference

f)                    Accounts Payable Inquiry Report

g)                  FCM Advisory – Municipal Leader’s Tool Kit


6.         Committee Reports.


a) Minutes of the Administration and Protection Committee Meeting held June 16,      


            b) Minutes of the Works and Utilities Committee Meeting held June 17, 2020.

                        i)  Former Schenn Property – Dust/Noise Control

                        ii) RM of Humboldt & South Water Users – Invitation to Council Meeting


            c) Minutes of the Leisure Services Committee Meeting held June 17, 2020.

                        i)  Requisition Proposals for the Development of Historical Park

                        ii) Barn Dog Music – Assessment of Arena Sound System


  7.       City Commissioner’s Report.


  8.       Financial Statements.

a)                  Accounts Payable for the period ending June 24, 2003.


9.              Bylaws.          


10.              Unfinished Business.


11.       New Business.


12.       Adjournment.




Notes/Reminders Available for Council Perusal: