MARCH 25, 2021; COMMENCING AT 7:30 P.M.



   1.      Call to Order.


   2.      Adopt Agenda.


   3.      Approve Minutes.

a)                 Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held March 11, 2021.


4.          Delegations.


   5.      Correspondence Report.

            “A” Items Requiring Council Resolution.

            a)         Saskatchewan War Memorial Project – Request for Contribution

            b)         Night of the Oscars – Use Of Jubilee Hall


            “B” Items Received For Information Only.

a)                 SUMA Fax Memorandum – Highway Twinning Announcement

b)                 SUMA – Revenue Sharing and Alternative Revenues

c)                  Carlton Trail REDA – General Meeting

d)                 Minutes of the Reid-Thompson Public Library Board Meeting held March 12, 2003.

e)                 SUMA – Membership Renewal


   6.      Committee Reports.

A.                 Minutes of the Administration and Protection Committee Meeting held March 17, 2003.

B.                 Minutes of the Leisure Services Committee Meeting held March 18, 2003.


  7.       City Commissioner’s Report.


  8.       Financial Statements.

a)                 Accounts Payable for the period ending March 25, 2003.

b)                 Revenue and Expenditure Statement for the month of February 2003.

c)                  2003 Capital Budget

d)                 2003 Municipal Budget


9.              Bylaws.

a)                 Bylaw No. 05/2003 – A Bylaw to Amend Bylaw No. 20/84. 

b)                 Bylaw No. 06/2003 – Records Retention And Disposal Bylaw

c)                  Bylaw No. 07/2003 – A Bylaw to Regulate and Control Dogs and Cats

d)                 Bylaw No. 08/2003 – Dangerous Animals Bylaw

e)                 Bylaw No. 09/2003 – Nuisance Abatement Bylaw

f)                    Bylaw No. 10/2003 – The Standards For Maintenance And Occupancy Bylaw


10.             Unfinished Business.

a)         Four Way Stop – Main Street and 6th Avenue

b)         Humboldt Co-op – Property purchase


11.             New Business.

a) Tax Enforcement Proceedings


12.       Adjournment.


Notes/Reminders Available for Council Perusal: